Evolution of our “Hiking” adventures

I would have loved to have started this blog at the beginning of the year or even when we first started getting into hiking in September of 2012. Unfortunately, good ideas don’t always pop up at the most opportune moments, and even when they do, we don’t always act on them right away. So, here we are.

Karl and I started “hiking” when I started my diet in September of last year. By hiking, I mean, we started scheduling a walk on at least one day out of every weekend. We started small by walking around 2 miles at a moderate pace at a local city park. Then, when that became too boring, we got crazy and started pushing further. Eventually, walking in circles for 1+ hours in a workout became a little too much to handle for my ADD husband. We started branching out into longer trails closer to home and eventually became addicted to a long biking trail spanning almost 6.5 miles at Ben Geren/Janet Huckabee Nature Center. Pretty quickly, our weekend routine was to “hike” this trail every Saturday morning. Granted, this will always be our go-to trail on weekends where traveling is just not an option. Recently, we’ve started getting interested in hiking harder trails at about the same distance. Last weekend, we did Yellow Rock at Devil’s Den (no where near 6 miles, but pretty rocky and steep in parts.) The weekending before that, we did Dogwood Canyon near Branson, MO (super easy but way long in freezing temps.)

And today, we did part of the first leg of the Ozark Highlands Trail starting at Lake Fort Smith. The hike took us about 4 hours with a few short stops to take pictures and about a 20-30 min stop for lunch before turning back. We went about 6.6 miles total. It was absolutely beautiful outside, and, as expected, the hike was amazing!

I can’t wait to keep hiking more trails in Arkansas and surrounding areas this year and hope to be able to keep this blog updated with our experiences!Image

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